Fix Your Mortgage Rate And Save Up That Down Payment Now

If you're trying to get into the property market in Canada, then increase your down-payment savings rate and apply for mortgages with fixed rates. In 2012, the government in Ottawa limited mortgages to 25 years, meaning you're no longer able to get 30-year mortgages. Given volatility in prices and the possibility of interest-rate increases, having a large down payment ready as well as approvals for fixed-rate financing ensures your mortgage will be much easier to handle.

3 Types Of Equipment Leases

Leasing equipment has rapidly become more popular due to a number of advantages the process provides. Small businesses are able to get the equipment they need without breaking their budget or having to worry about where to store it. Companies can get the newest models of all of the different types of equipment without having to pay an arm and a leg. Maintenance costs are transferred to the company that is providing the equipment.